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Why do companies choose Tribeca Capital Partners?  Tribeca’s team of seasoned entrepreneurs and former corporate executives have deep operational and strategic experience in building highly successful companies.  Our interests are completely aligned with every company we acquire or partner with.  We care deeply about protecting our partner companies' legacy, brand, employees and quality by leveraging our experience and global networks to help organizations capitalize on market opportunities, see around corners, and avoid costly mistakes.

Building lower middle market companies into professionally managed enterprises is the core of our DNA.  We work closely with our portfolio companies to expand into new markets, product lines and strategic partnerships to optimize operational performance and overall profitability.  Our expertise spans a wide range of industries including business services, healthcare, distribution, logistics, technology, retail, and consumer products. 


for Growth

Restructuring Advisory

Growth is essential for long-term sustainability. Optimizing the management team through professional guidance is a critical component of positioning our portfolio companies for growth and long-term success.  In order for businesses to grow, they need great people and great processes that are repeatable and scalable.  We work with our companies to recruit top talent with well-designed incentive compensation plans to ensure everyone’s interests are aligned.​

Tribeca's Restructuring Advisory Services help companies and management teams navigate through turbulent times, which may include a formal restructuring. Tribeca’s veteran restructuring professionals can insulate the company’s officers from the reorganization process and leave the management team free to focus on the day-to-day operations, its financial performance and restoring stakeholders’ confidence.

Our executive-level seasoned professionals have hands-on experience in guiding distressed companies and companies through transition with an aim to stabilize, rehabilitate, restructure and create a sustainable path forward in a time of uncertainty.

  • Management of communications with lenders, board, employees, investors, and creditor constituencies

  • Cash management and liquidity enhancement

  • Financial modeling and forecasting

  • Operational improvement

  • Strategic business plan development

  • Customer and vendor management

  • Negotiation and dispute resolution

  • Debt and capital restructuring

  • Non-core asset disposition

  • Contingency planning

  • Post-transaction business stabilization

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